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Product Introduction

What Is Hot Rolled Coil?

Hot rolled steel is roll-pressed at very high temperatures, which is above the re-crystallization temperature of steel. Below let’s review its manufacturing process.

1. Feeding the steel slab into the reheating furnace;
2. Using hydraulic descaler to remove scale on the surface;
3. Feeding into the roughing mill and cutting the ends;
4. Going through the finishing mill to adjust the thickness and width of a coil and to produce a smooth surface;
5. Cool down and roll up into coils.

Hot Rolled Steel Coil Specifications

Hot Rolled Coil

Item Hot Rolled Steel Coil
Technology Hot rolling process
Thickness 1.0- 4.0 mm
Width 600 – 2,500 mm ( common width: 915 mm, 1,220 mm, 1,500 mm)
Coil Inner Diameter 508-760 mm
Steel Grade Q195, Q235, Q235B, Q345, Q345A, Q345E, SS400, etc.
MOQ 10 tons
Packaging Export standard packing

What Is Hot Rolled Coil Used For?

Hot-rolled coils are suitable for applications that don’t require a perfect surface and accurate dimensions. But they have some excellent properties, such as high strength, high toughness, good weldability. So hot rolled products are widely used in construction, car structures, machinery, boiler, pressure vessel, steel pipes, and other manufacturing industries, including:

Construction: architectural structures, frameworks, bridges, fences, partitions, railroad tracks, I-beams, etc.

Pipelines for transportation of oil, gas, water, heat supply networks, and sewerage lines;

Machinery, bodies and components machinery, cars and trucks, tanks, cranes, etc.

Advantages of Hot Roll Steel

1. Price: hot rolled coil is cheaper than cold rolled coils;

2. Increased ductility and toughness;

3. Good flexibility. It is easy to work with for different uses. For example, it can be formed into different shapes, such as curved, arched, large sheets, etc.

4. But its surface has a scaly finish, which forms at high temperatures.

Hot Rolled Coil VS Cold Rolled Coil

Rolling is an important metalworking process that improves the strength of steel. The main metal rolling procedure is to give the steel the required thickness and shape. Wanzhi Steel has both hot rolling and cold rolling production lines. Below are some differences for your reference.

1. Different Processing Temperatures

Hot-rolled steel is a mill process that involves rolling the steel at a very high temperature, over 1,700˚F. This temperature is higher than the recrystallization temperature of most steels. While cold-rolled steel is further processed at room temperature.

2. Different Surface

Hot rolled steel coil has a scaled surface, which is formed at hot temperature. In contrast, cold-rolled coils have closer tolerances and a smoother surface. So cold rolled steel is better for applications that require precise sizes or aesthetic appearance.

3. Different Characteristics

Due to the increased carbon content, cold rolled steel coil is harder and stronger than the HR coil. It has better resistance to tension breaking and deformation.

4. Different Production Costs

Due to its simpler processing method, the cost of the hot-rolled coil is lower than cold rolled steel. The reason is that cold rolled steel making requires additional processing and more time.

Hot vs Cold Rolling Process

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