Application scope and function of galvanized steel coil?


Galvanized steel coils are more and more widely used, but some friends may not understand galvanized steel coils very well, and do not understand what galvanized steel coils are mainly used for, so let's take a look today!

The construction industry and light industry demand are the main markets for galvanized steel coils, and their demand accounts for about 30% of galvanized steel coils. In addition, from the perspective of the consumption of galvanized steel coils in the home appliance industry, air conditioners are the main product that consumes galvanized steel coils. The back panel of the indoor unit of the air conditioner, the back panel of the cabinet, the internal parts, the outer shell and the interior of the outdoor unit are all made of galvanized steel coils. On average, an air conditioner consumes 22 kilograms of galvanized steel coils. In addition, each washing machine consumes 8 kilograms of galvanized sheets, and each refrigerator consumes 3 kilograms of galvanized steel coils.

The automobile industry is also a major industry for the consumption of galvanized steel coils, and its weight is much heavier than the home appliance industry. If long-term and large-scale, only the pre-painted steel plate factory has the most demand. Home appliances and automobiles are also used, but the quantity is small and the requirements are high. Now the construction industry also needs a large number of galvanized steel coils to make ventilation ducts. A medium-sized building needs about 25,000 square meters, and various specifications total nearly 200 tons. This is not even the loss in the processing process. All in all, the application of galvanized steel coil is very wide, and it is used in all aspects of our lives. The above is today's sharing, I hope it can help everyone!


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