What are the uses of spangles for galvanized sheets? What are the types of spangles?


There are two kinds of spangles for hot-dip galvanized sheets: one is all normal spangles, and the other is no spangles.

With the development trend of the automobile industry, if the hot-dip galvanized automobile plate is sprayed, the spangle is harmful to the spraying. After that, the lead in the zinc ingot and the zinc liquid is reduced to dozens of ppm. , People can make products without spangles or very few spangles.

All normal spangles refer to the spangles obtained from the zinc layer under normal conditions after hot-dip galvanizing. It is said to be used for general main purposes.

The key to zinc-free products is that according to the unique production process, the lead is generally controlled to a certain level in the zinc pot, or after the hot-rolled strip steel is out of the zinc pot, it undergoes a unique solution, such as the treatment of small spangles. Process or spray zinc powder to control the spangle below a certain level to obtain spangle-free products.

The key to zinc non-ferrous metal products is to carry out further zinc non-ferrous metal solutions for pure zinc products after the zinc pot is released, and obtain a zinc-free, dark gray, and dull coating.

The key to its main purpose is the application of further painting places.

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