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High Quality SAE 1010 1008 Cold Rolled Coil

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Product Detail

Product Attributes

  • Place of Origin shandong, China
    Brand Name kuaima
    Application Construction
    Type Steel Coil
    Thickness 0.2-0.5mm
    Width 0.6-3m
    Hardness Mid Hard
    Tolerance ±5%
  • Processing Service Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching
    Skin Pass Yes
    Oiled or Non-oiled Non-oiled
    Alloy Or Not Non-Alloy
    Delivery Time 8-14 days
    Price Term CIF CFR FOB EX-WORK
    MOQ 1 Ton
    Technique Hot rolled

Product Description

Cold-rolled coil: 

Commonly used in the steel industry, different from hot roll. Refers to the direct roll rolling at room temperature with a certain thickness and winding machine rolls into the whole volume of steel belt. Compared with hot-rolled coil, cold-rolled coil surface light, bright and clean degree is high, but will have more stress, often in the annealing treatment after cold rolling.

Using hot-rolled steel coil as raw material, after pickling to remove oxide scale, cold rolling is carried out.

Continuous rolling, the finished product is a cold-rolled coil. Due to the cold work hardening caused by continuous cold deformation, the strength, hardness and toughness and plastic index of the hard-rolled coil increase, so the stamping performance will deteriorate, and it can only be used for simple deformed parts. Cold-rolled coils can be used as raw materials for hot-dip galvanizing plants, because hot-dip galvanizing lines are equipped with annealing lines. The weight of rolled hard coil is generally 6~13.5 tons.

ProductCold Rolled Steel coil
Width40mm to 400mm
Lengthas per your requirement
GradeSAE 1043, SAE 1046, 45Mn, S45C, BS108A47
TechnologyCold rolled
Payment termsT/T, 30% as deposit and 70% before shipment.
Delivery timeWithin 20-30 days after deposit
PackageIn bundle/coil, seaworthy package or as requested
ApplicationFor short pitch precision roller chains(A series & B series), Walking tractor & rotovator chains, A & B series roller chains for combines, ZGS38 combines chains, rice harvester chains, S,C,A,CA type steel agricultural chains and so on.


Manufacture volume and cold rolled plate have what different?

Cold rolled coil is made of hot rolled coil as raw material and rolled at room temperature below recrystallization temperature, including plate and coil. Which into the delivery of steel plate, also known as box plate or plate; Long length, delivery in coils called steel strip, also known as coil plate.

Definition of cold rolling

Is rolling under recrystallization, but generally understood as the use of rolling materials at room temperature. Aluminum cold rolling is divided into plate rolling and foil rolling, the thickness of 0.15~ above is called plate, 0.15~ below is called foil. Europe and many use 3~6 continuous rolling mills as cold rolling equipment.

Due to no heating in the production process, there is no hot rolling often occur pitting and oxide iron defects, good surface quality, high finish. Moreover, the size precision of cold-rolled products is high, and the properties and structure of cold-rolled products can meet some special requirements, such as electromagnetic properties, deep drawing properties, etc.

Specification: thickness 0.2-4mm, width 600-2000mm, length of steel plate 1 200-6000mm.

Q195a-q235a, Q195AF-Q235AF, Q295A(B)-Q345 A(B); SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, ST12-15; DC01-06

Performance: mainly used low carbon steel, requires good cold bending and welding performance, as well as certain stamping performance.

Rolled plate

Coil is a type of sheet of steel. It is actually a long, narrow sheet of steel supplied in rolls.

Roll and plate are almost a cut - out package

Cold hard coil plate is hot rolled coil plate after pickling, cold rolling. Can be said to be a cold rolled sheet roll.

Cold rolled coil (annealing state) : hot rolled coil after pickling, cold rolling, cover annealing, leveling, (finishing).

There are three main differences between the two:

1. In appearance, the general cold and hard coil board is slightly black.

2. The surface quality, structure and dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled plate are better than that of cold-rolled plate.

3, performance, because the hot rolled coil plate through the cold rolling process directly obtained by the cold hard coil plate in the cold rolling hardening, resulting in increased yield strength, and residual part of the internal stress, external performance is "hard" so called cold hard coil plate.

Therefore, yield strength: the cold hard coil is larger than the cold rolled coil (annealing state), which makes the cold rolled coil (annealing state) more conducive to stamping forming.

Generally, the default delivery state of cold rolled sheet is annealed.

Application areas:

Manufacture with

It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, electrical products, rolling stock, aviation, precision instruments, canned food and so on. Cold rolled thin steel plate is short for common carbon structural steel cold rolled plate, also known as cold rolled plate, commonly known as cold plate, sometimes mistakenly written in cold tie plate. Cold plate is made of ordinary carbon structural steel hot rolled steel strip, after further cold rolled into less than 4mm thickness of steel plate. Due to rolling at room temperature, no oxide sheet, therefore, the surface quality of cold plate is good, high dimensional accuracy, coupled with annealing treatment, its mechanical properties and technological properties are better than hot rolled thin steel plate, in many fields, especially in the field of household appliances manufacturing, has gradually replaced the hot rolled thin steel plate with it.

Applicable brand: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q275; SPCC (Japanese brand); ST12 (German brand)


1, Q - ordinary carbon structural steel yield point (limit) code, it is "bend" the first Chinese phonetic alphabet of the case; 195, 215, 235, 255, 275 -- indicate their yield point (limit) values respectively, in MPa (N/mm2); Because the strength, plasticity, toughness, weldability and other comprehensive mechanical properties of Q235 steel in ordinary carbon structural steel is the best, can better meet the requirements of general use, so the application range is very wide.

2. S-steel, P-plate, C-cold and the fourth C-Common.

3, ST-steel (Steel), 12-ordinary grade cold rolled thin Steel plate, marking: dimensional accuracy - size - Steel plate type standard cold rolled Steel plate: Steel number - Technical conditions standard marking example: B-0.57501500-GB708-88; Steel plate, Standard No. Q/BQB402, Grade SPCC, annealed flat (S) in heat treatment condition, surface processing status is hemp D, surface quality is FB class trimmed (trimmed EC, untrimmed EM) steel plate, thickness 0.5mm, Grade B accuracy, width 1000mm, Grade A accuracy, length 2000mm, Grade A accuracy, If the unevenness accuracy is Pf. A, it is marked as: steel plate ECQ/BQB 402-SPCC-SD-FB/ (0.51000A2000A-PF.A);

Cold rolled steel sheet

Cold rolled ordinary thin steel plate: made of ordinary carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel cold rolled. The surface quality of cold rolled sheet is better. It has good stamping performance. It is required to ensure that the cold bending and cup test qualified, often used in automobile and other industries and coating board raw materials.

Cold rolled high quality thin steel plate: mainly includes all kinds of high quality cold rolled steel plate, the most commonly used is carbon structure steel plate, especially for deep stamping cold rolled thin steel plate, is made of low carbon high quality steel 08Al cold rolled thin plate, steel plate is divided into three groups according to the surface quality; ⅰ, ⅱ, ⅲ, respectively, denote specially advanced, advanced and higher finishing surfaces, which are divided into ZF, HF and F grades according to drawing grades (representing the most complex, very complex and complex parts used for drawing). According to the allowable deviation of steel plate thickness, it is divided into A, B two levels of accuracy, widely used in automobile and tractor industry.

Cold rolled steel plate: smooth surface, good processing, used for automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, as well as industrial equipment, various building materials. With the development of economy, cold rolled steel plate has been called as a necessary material in modern society. Classification of cold rolling products: hot rolling pickling, hard rolling, ordinary cold rolling, galvanized (electric galvanized, fingerprint resistant, hot galvanized), aluminum zinc plating, tin plating, color coating, electrical steel (silicon steel sheet) and so on.

Hot rolling pickling:

Rolling hard roll: continuous rolling of hot rolled pickling roll at room temperature.

Product features: Because there is no annealing treatment, its hardness is very high (HRB > 90), the mechanical performance is very poor, can only carry out simple directional bending less than 90 degrees (perpendicular to the direction of coiling).

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