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Product Description

Aluminum-magnesium-zinc coated steel sheet is a new type of high corrosion resistance coated steel sheet. The galvanized layer is mainly composed of zinc, which is composed of zinc plus 11% aluminum, 3% magnesium and a small amount of silicon. The thickness range of the steel sheet that can be produced is 0.27mm---9.00mm, the production width range is: 580mm---1524mm.

Due to the composite effect of these added elements, its corrosion inhibiting effect is further enhanced. In addition, it has excellent processing performance under severe conditions (stretching, stamping, bending, paint welding, etc.), and the coating has high hardness and excellent damage resistance. Compared with ordinary galvanized and galvalume products, it can achieve better corrosion resistance with less plating adhesion. Due to this super corrosion resistance, it can be used instead of stainless steel or aluminum in some fields . The corrosion-resistant self-healing function of the cut end face is a major feature of the product.
The products are mainly used in civil construction (keel ceiling, perforated plate, cable bridge), agriculture and livestock (steel structure of agricultural feeding greenhouse, steel structure accessories, greenhouse, feeding equipment), railway road, power communication (power transmission and distribution high and low voltage switchgear , box-type substation outer body), automotive motors, industrial refrigeration (cooling towers, large outdoor industrial air conditioners) and other industries, the field of use is very wide.
The best quality galvanized aluminum-magnesium-zinc plate in the world is SuperDyma, which was successfully developed by Japan's Nippon Steel Steel Works in the early 20th century, referred to as SD plate. Its full name should be aluminum-magnesium-zinc (silicon) plate. Silicon is a kind of promoting element. After adding in an appropriate proportion, the galvanized magnesium plate will have the self-healing function of the section. For example, due to the need for sizing, we need to cut the SD plate in the length direction. After cutting After the steel plate is broken without a protective film, according to common sense, it will gradually electrolytically react with oxygen and moisture in the atmosphere to rust, but due to the mobility of magnesium ions, it will flow and form a new protective film at the fracture site that is not covered by the protective film , this means that even if you use a hard tool to scratch or destroy the protective film on the surface of the steel plate, you don’t need to worry, the self-healing of the cut in a short time will solve this problem.

SuperDyma is a new type of corrosion-resistant coated steel sheet composed mainly of zinc, about 11% aluminum, 3% magnesium and a small amount of silicon.

SuperDyma adds Al, Mg, and Si to conventional Zn plating, and the compound effect of these added elements improves corrosion resistance. That is, in addition to the previous addition of Al, Mg, which has an obvious effect on DymaZinc products, is added, and Si is also added to improve the antirust effect. Si not only improves the workability of the coating layer containing Al, but also further improves the corrosion inhibitory effect through the composite action with Mg.
Ⅰ Features
Excellent anti-rust performance! Needless to say, the antirust performance of the flat surface is excellent, and the antirust performance of the end surface is also excellent. In addition , the alkali resistance is also excellent
. Compared with hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and hot-dip galvanized-5% aluminum alloy steel sheets, "SuperDyma" is coated Equivalent corrosion resistance can be achieved with less deposition; in addition, it can be used instead of stainless steel or aluminum plates because of its excellent red rust resistance.
Excellent processing performance! The bent and stretched parts are also less prone to rust, and the surface of the processed part has many scratches, which makes it beautiful . Weldability and paintability
are also excellent
. "SuperDyma" has plating adhesion that withstands severe processing. In addition, the plating layer has high hardness and excellent damage resistance.
The new raw material of Super VA does not require post-plating, which may greatly reduce costs and shorten lead times.
It may also become an alternative to stainless steel and aluminum.
"SuperDyma" has processing adhesion that can withstand severe conditions. Excellent damage resistance.
Ⅱ Manufacture specifications
The magnesium-aluminum-zinc-coated steel sheet "SuperDyma" developed by Nippon Steel can provide a thickness range of 0.27-9.00mm, of which the thickness is generally 1.60-9.00mm when using hot-rolled steel sheets as the original sheet; when using cold-rolled steel sheets as the original sheet The thickness is generally 0.27 ~ 2.30mm. The mechanical properties of "SuperDyma" are the same as those of ordinary coated steel sheets, and the coating adhesion amount is available from K06 to K45. The surface of "SuperDyma" can be specified by the user to be smooth-rolled, chemically synthesized, or oiled to make the surface smooth. . 

Ⅲ Application
"SuperDyma" is widely used in construction, road protection, three-dimensional parking lot, storage equipment, automotive electromechanical equipment and other metal forming fields: it can manufacture various steel structure accessories, corrosion-resistant parts, keel ceilings, perforated plates, cables Bridge etc. Originally using hot-dip galvanized steel sheet or hot-dip galvanized-5% aluminum alloy steel sheet, using "SuperDyma" can achieve better high corrosion resistance. Switching to "SuperDyma" on components that were previously post-galvanized or post-painted can eliminate post-galvanized or post-painted operations, reducing costs and shortening lead times. 

ⅥQuality characteristics
The results of the salt water spray test prove that "SuperDyma" has excellent corrosion resistance in terms of the reduction rate of the coating, which is equivalent to 15 times that of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, hot-dip galvanized-5% aluminum alloy steel sheets 5 to 8 times of that. "SuperDyma" cutting end surface part of the base is exposed, initially there will be a slight red rust, but then the coating components around the cutting end surface begin to dissolve, forming a dense protective film with zinc hydroxide, alkaline zinc chloride and magnesium hydroxide as the main components. After a process lasting for several months, the cut end face part will be completely covered, thereby inhibiting the corrosion reaction of the end face part. The red rust resistance of "SuperDyma" flat part is better than that of stainless steel plate, and its curved forming part and cylindrical drawing part also have excellent corrosion resistance. "SuperDyma" is suitable for all welding methods and is particularly resistant to alkalis. (Bolts and rivets used in contact with "SuperDyma" are recommended to be post-galvanized products). "SuperDyma" has excellent pre-painting properties. The cut surface and cross-cut part of the painted "SuperDyma" rarely peel off the paint film due to corrosion, and the corrosion resistance is excellent.

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