Advantages of Spiral Welded Pipes


Advantages of Spiral Welded Pipes

(1) Steel pipes of the same width can be utilized to make steel pipes of different diameters, especially when using narrow strip steel to make big-diameter steel pipes.


(2) The spiral weld is subjected to less stress than the straight seam, which is 75 percent to 90 percent of the straight seam welded pipe, and hence can bear immense pressure under the same pressure settings. The wall thickness can be lowered by 10% to 25% under the same pressure as a straight seam welded pipe of the same outside diameter.

(3) The size is precise, with a general diameter tolerance of less than 0.12%, a deflection of less than 1/2000, and an elasticity of less than 1%. In most cases, the size and straightening process is straightforward.

(4) It can be created indefinitely. In theory, it can make infinitely long steel pipes with a minimal cutting head and tail cutting losses, increasing the metal utilization rate by 6% to 8%.

(5) It is more flexible in operation and easy to modify the variety than straight seam welded pipe.

(6) The equipment is lightweight and requires a minimal initial cost. It can be built into a piece of trailer-type portable equipment, and the welded pipe can be produced on-site at the pipeline installation site.

(7) Mechanization and automation are simple to implement.

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