Post-processing methods of galvanized steel strip


The post-treatment of strip galvanizing has three points, namely passivation, pre-phosphating, and oiling. A brief introduction to the passivation treatment, this treatment can change the gloss and structure of the coating, which is why the galvanized products are more resistant to corrosion. This treatment can also increase its use time and increase the combination. Ability to achieve long-term non-shedding. The composition of the galvanized steel sheet can ensure the long-term use of this product, and the performance will not be reduced.

Electro-galvanized steel strip appeared in response to the trend of the trend, and this kind of product will appear in various building materials. This product has a series of advantages that it will not produce rust for a long time and is not easy to be corroded. No matter how the environment changes, its advantages and the surface will not change in any way. This is why the strip steel material is galvanized. reason. The use of the above methods for post-treatment of strip steel galvanizing will enable the evolution of high-quality strip steel, enabling it to maintain its own advantages to a higher level. Make it a more widely used building material.


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