Alloy steel rod
Years of experience in producing Hastelloy bars

Alloy steel rod

Years of experience in producing Alloy steel rod with mature technology, Inquire now! Chinese manufacturer, complete production line with precision machining workshop. Large inventory. Free processing. Industry leading. Advanced equipment. Stable quality.

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Product Description of Alloy steel rod

Alloy steel rod is an inorganic compound containing equal amounts of tungsten and carbon atoms. In its most basic form, it is a subtle gray powder, but it can be found in industrial machinery, tools, abrasive abrasives, and formed into shapes for use. Cemented carbide has three times the carbon content of steel and a denser crystal structure than steel and titanium. Its hardness is comparable to that of diamond, and it can only be ground into cemented carbide with cubic boron nitride abrasives.

Carbide rod is a new technology and new material. It is mainly used in the manufacture of metal cutting tools, the manufacture of wood, plastics required hardness and wear resistance corrosion resistance products and other industries.

The main features of cemented carbide rods are stable mechanical properties, easy welding, high wear resistance and high impact resistance.

Alloy steel rod belong to carbide cutting tools, which are suitable for different coarse grinding parameters, cutting materials and non-metallic materials. At the same time, carbide rods can also be applied to traditional automatic and semi-automatic lathes and so on.

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technological process of Alloy steel rod

Its main technological process is milling→formulation according to the application requirements→wet grinding→mixing→crushing→drying→sieving→adding forming agent→re-drying→sieving to make mixture→granulation→pressing→forming→low pressure Sintering→shaping (blank)→cylindrical grinding (no such process for blank)→size inspection→packaging→storage.

chemical composition of Alloy steel rod

Chemical composition
(Ideal analysis to meet the majority of grades listed above)
Silicon0.40% max
Sulphur0.040% Max
Phosphorus0.040% Max

Mechanical properties of Alloy steel rod

Mechanical properties in cold drawn condition
Max Stress400-560 n/mm2dependent on ruling section
Yield Stress300-440 n/mm2 Mindependent on ruling section
0.2% Proof Stress280-420 n/mm2 Mindependent on ruling section
Elongation10-14% Mindependent on ruling section

Product Specification of Alloy steel rod


Alloy steel bar,alloy steel rod,steel bar,steel rod,











Round bar:Diameter:2-1000mm,Length:1-12m,or as required

Flat bar:thickness:0.3-500mm,Width:2-3000mm,Length:1-12m,or as required

Square bar:Diameter:2*2-800*800mm,Length:1-12m

Angle bar:width:10*10-500*500mm,Thickness:2-150mm,Length:1-12m

Hexagonal bar:Diameter:4-800mm,Length:1-12m,or as required




Hot rolled,cold drawn,Forged


Standard export seaworthy or as customers' requirements


Products are widely used in automobile, petroleum, chemical, coal, electric power, 

machinery manufacturing, railway transportation and other industries as well as aerospace,

 aviation, navigation, etc. Especially in the railway, wind power, nuclear power, the power 

station boiler, automobile, engineering machinery, heavy and other key industries



Ireland,Singapore,Indonesia,Ukraine,Saudi Arabia,Spain,Canada,USA,Brazil,Thailand,Iraq,Russia,



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Alloy Rod Production Line

Shandong Kuaima Steel Co., Ltd. has advanced special smelting, investment casting, pipe making and other production equipment. The company has 15 advanced production lines, which can independently produce hot/cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, galvanized steel, alloy rod,prepainted steel and stainless steel coils, strips, plates, plates, pipes, bars and other products. The standing inventory is more than 450,000 tons to meet the customer's demand for delivery time.

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Alloy steel rod

We have professional testing equipment. We have our own testing center laboratory to guarantee the quality of our products.

coating quality
chromatic aberration
tensile strength
Yield Strength

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Alloy steel rod applications industry

  • Machinery manufacturing industry
    Machinery manufacturing industry
  • Oil & Gas Industries
    Oil & Gas Industries
  • Construction industry
    Construction industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
    Shipbuilding industry
  • Chemical industry
    Chemical industry
  • Power Generation
    Power Generation

Alloy steel rod outlet

We are a world-renowned Alloy steel rod exporter, Qatar, Ireland, Portugal,Gambia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Libya, Ro-Fanaticism, Puerto Rico, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Philippines, Ghana, Slovakia, Germany,Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, China, Bolivia, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Oman, Egypt, Greece,Norway, Singapore, Bulgaria, Estonia, Belgium, Yemen, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Belarus,Finland, Gabon, Iran, Canada, Argentina, Lebanon. other countries

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