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duplex 2205 round bar description

2205 duplex stainless steel round bar provides pitting and crevice corrosion resistance which in almost all corrosive media it is superior to austenitic stainless steels 316L and 317L.duplex 1.4462 roundbar also has low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity as well as high corrosion and erosion fatigue properties than austenitic.

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Duplex 2205 round bar advantage

Duplex 2205 round bar contain chromium of 22%, molybdenum of 3%, nickel of 5-6%, with high general, localized, and stress corrosion resistance properties in addition to excellent impact toughness and high strength.duplex hex bar should be annealed at 1900°F minimum, followed by rapid cooling, ideally by water quenching. And this treatment is valid for both solution annealing and stress relieving. Stress relief treatments at any lower temperature take the risk of detrimental intermetallic or precipitation of nonmetallic phases.
2205 duplex flat bar yield strength is about twice that of austenitic stainless steels and it allows a fabricator to save weight and makes it more cost competitive as compared to stainless steel 316L or
duplex square bar can be machined with high-speed steel tooling at the same feeds and speeds as stainless steel 316L. It possesses good weldability. The motive of welding duplex steel is that the weld metal and heat-affected zone retains the corrosion resistance, toughness and strength of the base metal. It is not difficult to weld it, but it is necessary to design welding procedures sot that it lead to a favorable phase balance after welding and will avoid precipitation of detrimental intermetallic or nonmetallic phases.

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Chemical Composition (%) of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Bar

Chemical Composition (%) of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Bar

2205 (S31803) 23.02.5-3.54.5-6.50.08-0.20
2205 (S32205)

Mechanical Properties of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Bar

Mechanical Properties of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Bar

GradeTensile Strength ksi (min)Yield Strength 0.2% ksi (min)Elongation %Hardness (HB) MAX

Physical Properties of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Bar

Physical Properties of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Bar

(in x 10-6)
at 68°F0.27827.68.70.11233.5
at 212°F
at 392°F
at 572°F 24.910.40.13439.4

Product Specification of Duplex 2205 Round Bar


Duplex: 2205(UNS S31803/S32205),2507(UNS S32750),UNS S32760(Zeron 100),2304,904L

Others: 253Ma,254SMo,654SMo,F50(UNS S32100)F60,F61,F65,1J22,N4,N6 etc

Alloy : Alloy 20/28/31;

Hastelloy: Hastelloy B/ -2/B-3/C22/C-4/S/ C276/C-2000/G-35/G-30/X/N/g;

Hastelloy B / UNS N10001,Hastelloy B-2 / UNS N10665 /
DIN W. Nr. 2.4617,Hastelloy C,Hastelloy C-4 / UNS N06455 / DIN W. Nr. 2.4610,Hastelloy C-22 / UNS N06022 / DIN W. Nr.
2.4602,Hastelloy C-276 /
UNS N10276 / DIN W. Nr. 2.4819,Hastelloy X / UNS N06002 / DIN W. Nr. 2.4665

Haynes: Haynes 230/556/188;

Inconel 718 / UNS N07718 / DIN W. Nr. 2.4668,Inconel 601 / UNS N06601 / DIN W. Nr. 2.4851,
Inconel 625 / UNS N06625 / DIN W. Nr. 2.4856,Inconel 725 / UNS N07725,Inconel X-750 / UNS N07750 / DIN W. Nr. 2.4669,Inconel 600 /
UNS N06600 / DIN W. Nr. 2.4816

Monel: Monel 400/K500/R405

Nimonic: Nimonic 40/50/6075/80A/90/A263 ;

Surface Finish

polish bright black




Cold Rolled; Hot Rolled




3000mm, 4000mm,5800mm,6000mm,12000mm,or as required.


Widely used in petroleum,foodstuff,chemical industry,construction, electric power,nuclear,energy,machinery,biotechnology,paper
making,shipbuilding,boiler fields.

Lead Time

7-15 working days after the receipt of 30% deposit

Payment Terms

30% TT for deposit,70% TT /70% LC at sight balance before shipment

Price Terms



Standard Seaworthy Package or according to customer's requirements

Container Size

20ft GP:5898mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High) 24-26CBM

40ft GP:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High) 54CBM

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Alloy steel rod applications industry

  • Machinery manufacturing industry
    Machinery manufacturing industry
  • Oil & Gas Industries
    Oil & Gas Industries
  • Construction industry
    Construction industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
    Shipbuilding industry
  • Chemical industry
    Chemical industry
  • Power Generation
    Power Generation

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