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5052 PPAl Coil
Colored 1100 Aluminum Coil
Width 600-1500mm PPAl Coil
Width 600-1500mm 5052 PPAl Coil|Colored 1100 Aluminum Coil
5052 PPAl Coil
Colored 1100 Aluminum Coil
Width 600-1500mm PPAl Coil

Width 600-1500mm 5052 PPAl Coil|Colored 1100 Aluminum Coil

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Supply Ability: 50000Ton/year

Package: In accordance with customer requirements

Product Detail

Product Attributes

  • Standard AiSi, ASTM, bs, DIN, GB, JIs
    Product Name PPAL Coil
    Tolerance ±1%
  • Brand Kuaima
    Color Customized coil
    Length Customer's Requiremen

Product Description

Product Description

The production process of color-coated aluminum coil includes cleaning and pretreatment, coil coating, curing and subsequent processing.

1. Cleaning and pretreatment

After the pre-treated aluminum coil is repeatedly cleaned and sprayed with water, the water can be reused, thereby reducing power consumption. It can improve the anti-corrosion performance analysis of enterprise products and can improve the adhesion of coatings.

2. Coil coating

The coating process is mainly divided into two stages, called primer and top coating.

3. Curing and subsequent processing

The aluminum strip passes through the curing oven, and the temperature is set at a regulated temperature to ensure that the volatiles on the aluminum strip are removed and the paint is completely cured. According to the needs of the coating system, the curing temperature is set between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius, which is a key technical point to ensure product quality.

Product Display

Raw material

1 series, 3 Series, 5 Series and 8 Series.


More than 1000 kinds of RAL color, embossed, stone grain ,wood grain,gloss

Coating technique

single-coated, double-coated, triply-coated.




PVDF, PE, AC or FEVE,Anodized, Brushed, Wood,Stone, Mirror,Spectra, colors available 

upon requests.

Price Term


Product Packaging

Plastic film + kraft paper + cardboard shell + collision angle+ wooden pallet

Characteristics of aluminum coil

Light weight

Because the quality of the aluminum itself is very light, and the thickness of the aluminum coil is not large, and has a certain strengthening, the weight of the foundation is also not high. The characteristics of low density and light weight also make aluminum coils useful in various industries.

Easy to handle

It is because the material of aluminum coil is very soft, plasticity is very strong, but also can ensure the later strengthening effect, so the efficiency of daily processing is also very high. Such plastic materials can be used well and can be processed in different types.

Corrosion resistant

In fact, alloy aluminum itself has very good corrosion resistance, and its surface will have a layer of oxide film, naturally can also ensure good service life. Such products for long-term use, can also ensure corrosion resistance, not prone to problems.

Long service life

The service life of aluminum coil is still very long, and the surface can also be processed again, etc., plus its wide use, daily processing and production often see such aluminum coil. And its service life is longer, cost-effective aspect is also good.

What is cold rolled aluminum coil and hot rolled aluminum coil, what are the characteristics of each?

The difference between hot rolling and cold rolling is that cold rolling is rolling at the recrystallization temperature, hot rolling is rolling above the recrystallization temperature.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Cold rolling mainly deals with plate that can not be strengthened by heat, and generally has high surface requirements, and single zero foil double zero foil and other ultra-thin materials can only be rolled by cold rolling.

The relative hot rolling is first to provide blank for cold rolling, and then many materials need high corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, plasticity and so on, which need hot rolling.

What is colored aluminum coil?

Caitu aluminum coil, refers to the surface of the aluminum alloy color processing, for aluminum alloy performance is very stable, not easily corroded, general surface after special treatment can ensure that at least 30 years do not fade, more because of its small density, high hardness, the weight of per unit volume is the lightest metal materials, color aluminum, is a kind of new recently emerged in the field of Windows and doors profiles, compared with the plastic, The biggest advantage is that the firmness is incomparable, and the color is changeable, and will not always face the plastic steel is always questioned "toxic" two words. So in high-grade real estate doors and Windows, sun room, balcony packaging and other fields are widely used. Now, color coated aluminum coil has become one of the most popular top decorative materials. It is an environmentally friendly, durable and aesthetically pleasing green. As a decorative material, it has the following incomparable advantages of other products: uniform color, bright and clean, strong adhesion, durable, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, decay resistance to friction, uv resistance, strong weather resistance.

Color coated aluminum coil product information:

Product category: polyester coated aluminium coil (PE), fluorocarbon coated aluminium coil (PVDF).

Polyester coated aluminium coil

Is a kind of anti-UV UV coating, polyester resin is used in the main chain of polymer containing ester bond as the monomer, adding alkyd resin, UV absorbent according to gloss and can be divided into matt and high light series. Especially suitable for interior decoration and advertising board.

Fluorocarbon coated aluminium coil

Is the use of fluoride alkyne as the basic monomer fluorocarbon resin, pigment, alcohol ester solvent, additives mixed from. After the film is cooked at high temperature,

The molecular structure of the coating is compact and has super weather resistance. Fluorocarbon coating can be divided into traditional fluorocarbon coating and nano fluorocarbon coating according to the surface film formation structure.

Especially suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of public places, commercial chain, exhibition and advertising decoration and display

How to prevent oxidation of aluminum coil?

1. The storage environment of aluminum plate should be dry, bright, well ventilated and without corrosive climate.

2. Aluminum coils should be avoided as far as possible from leaking rain and snow.

3. Strengthen the management of rolling oil, and control its water content below 0.04 percent.

4. The packaging of aluminum coils should be sealed, and each roll should be put with an appropriate amount of desiccant.

5. Do not open the sealed package immediately when the product is transported from the low-temperature area to the area with high temperature and humidity.

6. The humidity of the wooden shaft and board of the packing box shall not exceed 18%, and the temperature of the colored aluminum coil shall not exceed 45℃.

7. When storing aluminum coils, it is strictly prohibited to store them together with chemical materials and damp materials.


Q:What is your terms of payment?
A:We usually accept T/T in advance, L/C for large sum.If you prefer other payments terms, please discuss.

Q:What is the terms of delivery?

Q:What is the terms of packing?
A:Generally, we pack our goods in bundles or coils with rods or belts, we could also pack the goods as the customers' requirements.

Q:What is your delivery time?
A:For products in stock, we can ship it within 7 days after receiving the deposit.For custom order, production time is 15-30
workdays after received the deposit.

Q:Could you produce according to the samples?
A:Yes, we could customer-made by your samples or technique drawings, we could build the mold and fixtures.

Q:Can I place an sample order and what is your MOQ if I accept your quality?
A:Yes, we can send you samples but you may pay the express fees, our MOQ is 1 ton.

Q:How could you guarantee your products?
A:We accept and support the third-party inspection.We also could issue the warranty to customer to guarantee the quality.

Q:Where is the port of shipment?
A:Ningbo or Shanghai sea port.

Q:How can I get the price of needed product?
A:It's the best way if you can send us the material, size and surface, so we can produce for u to check the quality.If you
still have any confusion, just contact us, we would like to be helpful.

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