What distinction do square steel and channel steel have


What distinction do square steel and channel steel have

Square steel: is solid, bar. Different from square pipe, hollow, belongs to pipe. Steel: Steel ingot, billet or Steel is made by pressure processing into the desired shape, size and properties of the material. Steel is an important material essential to national construction and the realization of the four modernization, widely used, variety, according to the different section shape, steel is generally divided into profiles, plates, pipes and metal products four categories, in order to facilitate the organization of steel production, order supply and do a good job in business management, It is also divided into heavy rail, light rail, large section steel, medium section steel, small section steel, steel cold-formed section steel, high quality section steel, wire, medium thick steel plate, thin steel plate, electrical silicon steel sheet, strip steel, seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe, metal products and other varieties.

Channel steel is the section of the groove shaped strip steel, belongs to the construction and mechanical use of carbon structural steel, is a complex section of steel steel, its section shape is groove. Channel steel is mainly used in building structure, curtain wall engineering, mechanical equipment and vehicle manufacturing.

China's channel steel imports more than exports. The main producing area is Tang Steel, Baotou steel, Shan Steel, Huang Te, Ma Steel, Baode, Xuan Steel, Japan steel and other steel mills.

Channel steel classification:

Channel is divided into ordinary channel and light channel. The specification of hot-rolled ordinary channel steel is 5-40#. The specification of hot-rolled flexible channel steel supplied by agreement of both parties is 6.5-30#. Channel steel is mainly used in building structures, vehicle manufacturing, other industrial structures and fixed cabinets, etc. Channel steel is often used with I-steel.

Channel steel can be divided into four kinds according to shape: cold-formed equilateral channel steel, cold-formed unequal channel steel, cold-formed inner coil side channel steel, cold-formed outer coil side channel steel

According to the theory of steel structure, it should be the channel steel wing plate force, that is, the channel steel should be standing, not lying down.

The theoretical weight of square steel is calculated as follows: side length (M), side length (M), 7850(kg/m^3)=kg/m

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