Manufacture volume and cold rolled plate have what different?


Manufacture volume and cold rolled plate have what different?

Cold rolled coil is made of hot rolled coil as raw material and rolled at room temperature below recrystallization temperature, including plate and coil. Which into the delivery of steel plate, also known as box plate or plate; Long length, delivery in coils called steel strip, also known as coil plate.

Definition of cold rolling

Is rolling under recrystallization, but generally understood as the use of rolling materials at room temperature. Aluminum cold rolling is divided into plate rolling and foil rolling, the thickness of 0.15~ above is called plate, 0.15~ below is called foil. Europe and many use 3~6 continuous rolling mills as cold rolling equipment.

Due to no heating in the production process, there is no hot rolling often occur pitting and oxide iron defects, good surface quality, high finish. Moreover, the size precision of cold-rolled products is high, and the properties and structure of cold-rolled products can meet some special requirements, such as electromagnetic properties, deep drawing properties, etc.

Specification: thickness 0.2-4mm, width 600-2000mm, length of steel plate 1 200-6000mm.

Q195a-q235a, Q195AF-Q235AF, Q295A(B)-Q345 A(B); SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, ST12-15; DC01-06

Performance: mainly used low carbon steel, requires good cold bending and welding performance, as well as certain stamping performance.

Rolled plate

Coil is a type of sheet of steel. It is actually a long, narrow sheet of steel supplied in rolls.

Roll and plate are almost a cut - out package

Cold hard coil plate is hot rolled coil plate after pickling, cold rolling. Can be said to be a cold rolled sheet roll.

Cold rolled coil (annealing state) : hot rolled coil after pickling, cold rolling, cover annealing, leveling, (finishing).

There are three main differences between the two:

1. In appearance, the general cold and hard coil board is slightly black.

2. The surface quality, structure and dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled plate are better than that of cold-rolled plate.

3, performance, because the hot rolled coil plate through the cold rolling process directly obtained by the cold hard coil plate in the cold rolling hardening, resulting in increased yield strength, and residual part of the internal stress, external performance is "hard" so called cold hard coil plate.

Therefore, yield strength: the cold hard coil is larger than the cold rolled coil (annealing state), which makes the cold rolled coil (annealing state) more conducive to stamping forming.

Generally, the default delivery state of cold rolled sheet is annealed.

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