How are Stainless Steel Spiral Duct made?


How are Stainless Steel Spiral Duct made?

You can make stainless steel spiral ducts by going through the following steps:

First you need to prepare the materials that you need to make the stainless steel spiral duct.

In this case, you will prepare stainless steel 304 or 316 depending on the grade you need.

After that you will pass stainless steel through the mills ensuring that you make it according to your specifications.

You will make them into silt coils by cutting narrower pieces from the master silt coils.

After that, you will process the silt coils according to your specifications and then use it to make spiral ducts.

The process of making the silt coils begin with placing the silt coils on an uncoiler before sending it through a rough leveler.

The rough leveler will flatten the material before sending it through the edge trimmer for formation.

The formation process involves taking the silts through an outer and inner welding stage moving in circular motion.

The circular movement leads to the formation of the stainless steel spirals.

In conclusion, you will pass it through welding and pinching to form the duct pieces before cutting and inspecting them.

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