Spiral Welded Pipe Surface Treatment Method


Spiral Welded Pipe Surface Treatment Method

1.  Cleaning:

Solvent and emulsion are used to clean the spiral welded pipe surface, removing oil, grease, dust, smoothing agents, and other organic matter. However, it cannot remove rust, oxide skin, flux, or other organic matter from the steel surface. It is used as an additional measure in spiral welded pipe anti-corrosion production.

2. Rust Removal Tool:

The spiral welded pipe is polished using wire brushes to remove loose or elevated scale, rust, welding slag, and other contaminants. The hand tool’s rust removal can reach the Sa2 level, while the power tool’s rust removal can reach the Sa3 level. The rust removal result of the tool is not ideal if the spiral welded pipe surface is attached with a strong iron oxide scale.

3. Pickling:

Chemical and electrolytic procedures are commonly used for pickling disposal. Only chemical pickling can remove oxide scale, rust, and old coatings and is applied as sandblasting following rust removal. Chemical cleaning can achieve the necessary cleanliness and roughness, but the anchor pattern is shallow, making the situation simple to contaminate.

4. Blasting with abrasive materials:

Abrasive blasting uses a high-powered engine to spin the spray (throwing) blade at high speed, allowing abrasives like steel grit, steel shot, wire segment, and mineral to be sprayed (throwing) on the surface of the steel tube under the influence of centrifugal force. Not only can rust, oxides, and dirt be fully removed, but under the influence of abrasive impact and friction, the spiral welded pipe may also achieve the needed average roughness.

After spraying (polishing) and eliminating rust, as well as the mechanical adhesion between the anti-corrosion layer and the spiral welded pipe’s outer surface. As a result, spray (polishing) rust removal is an excellent approach for removing rust from pipes. Sandblasting descaling is mostly utilized for internal and exterior pipe treatment, while shot blasting (sand) descaling is primarily used for pipe surface treatment.

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