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  • Project Name: Oil Well Drilling
  • Project Name:: Oil Well Drilling
  • Specifications:: API 5DP API 5CT OD:2 7/8 - 13 3/8 inch
  • Quantity:: 2865.86 Metric tons
  • Product name: Welded ERW Line Pipe
  • Application:: Oil & Gas
  • Year:: 2018
  • Country:: Trinidad and Tobago
  • Project Introduction:: This project was served for a complete oil well exploration which went through three phases. Drill pipes were used to conduct the force to the drill bit. Drilling with drill pipe is the first phase of every wellbore.The outer tubes are casing tubes. Casing lines the wellbore and protects the layers of soil and above all the groundwater from being contaminated by the drilling mud and/or frac fluids. It also stabilizes the wellbore, casing must be able to withstand especially high loads. Tubing transports the oil and gas from deep in the well to the surface. Project Difficulties For whole well drilling process, except our drill pipes, casings and tubings, there were also many other drilling equipment and facility used. To Ensure that all devices match each other to the maximum extent, USI team contacted and worked with other suppliers for facility to adjust some thread type after final approval by customer's engineer. Project Achivements With all efforts made on this project, USI team has gained a high appreciation and reputation from end customer side.

Project Introduction

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