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  • Project Name: German Oil Pipeline Project
  • Project Name:: German Oil Pipeline Project
  • Specifications:: API 5CT
  • Quantity:: 80000MT
  • Product name: Casing Pipe, Drill Pipe, PUP JOINT, Coupling, Elevator
  • Application:: Drilling
  • Year:: 2021
  • Country:: Germany
  • Project Introduction:: Pipes And Fittings for Germany's leading oil and gas producers Technical Difficulties:Drilling depth needs to be measured to design different sizes to save drilling rig time and improve installation speed Technical Solution: Designed in three different sizes, at 1200 meters the 16-inch rope is set at a measured depth of 1,120 meters, while the 13 3/8-inch rope is set at a measured depth of 3,495 meters. To run faster and save rig time, 13 3/8” pipe runs in brackets (double), which increases installation speed.

Project Introduction

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